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Dartford Hilton Goes Waterless with Urinals From The Rodin Group.


The 170 room Dartford Hilton Hotel has installed Falcon Flax Waterless Urinals in their reception area toilets. These are estimated to save up to 150,000 litres of water per urinal per annum and, as they have installed 4 waterless urinals to replace 6 old flushing units, the savings being made by the Hilton could be as much as 900,000 litres per year.

Maintenance Manager Ashton Woodley said “we’re always look for innovative solutions whenever we’re making improvements and water saving is a very attractive proposition for a hotel this size. We like to think differently as much as possible and Falcon waterless urinals are market leading and so match our brand values.”

Before re-furbishment the gentlemen’s toilets just off the reception area had 6 urinals but Ashton decided that 4 were more than enough to meet the demand from the nearby lounge and café area. The Rodin Group supplied their Falcon Flax ceramic urinals which are available as either a bottom drain version or, as in this case, a back drain version. Installation proved very straightforward as there are no mains water connections needed, just a simple connection to the drain.

The  system removes most of the other equipment associated with such installations, including pipework, cisterns, flush controls and sensors. These are not only costly to initially install but also incur annual maintenance costs. In addition faulty elements can lead to urinals either leaking continually or flushing more regularly than required. In a waterless urinal installation none of  these things can occur.

The Falcon Waterfree system consists of a vitreous china or stainless steel urinal bowl with a patented cartridge that locks into the housing at the base of the urinal. The design of the urinal bowl and use of nonporous materials ensure that the surface dries quickly after use. The Falcon touch free, waterless, patented urinal cartridge is made out of non-stick, non-porous material and is designed to provide a barrier between the washroom and the drain. Urine passes into the cartridge through the Allseal sealant which is less dense than both water or urine. This forms a barrier on the surface allowing urine to pass through and flow through the cartridge into the drain. The cartridge then collects uric sediment translating into an odour-free washroom and zero water waste.

The Falcon cartridge also features an O ring which provides an airtight barrier

between the cartridge and the urinal itself. The only maintenance required is routine cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge, two to four times per year (depending on the use).

Using water to dispose of urine (which is 97% water) makes no economic sense and waterless urinals save in three important ways. Firstly the absence of a flushing mechanism reduces the purchase price and also makes them cheaper to purchase and install. All you need is a drainage outlet, approximately 1 hour for the actual installation and 3 to 5 minutes to install the waterless cartridge.

Secondly they reduce energy costs. No water means you save 100 per cent of the water charges associated with old style urinals and also enjoy reduced sewage charges. Wider environmental savings include the elimination of the energy costs associated with pumping water to and from the fixture as well as the energy necessary to treat approximately 150,000 litres of diluted urine per fixture per year.

Thirdly there are reduced maintenance costs. Maintenance for a Falcon waterless urinal amounts to periodic changing of the touch free cartridge and the same standard clean up associated with traditional urinals. No flush means no stuck or broken valves and since no hard water runs through the sewage lines they remain free of calcification and that means reduced costs associated with pipe cleaning. Daily cleaning is also faster as there is no need to scrub minerals left behind by water.

In addition washrooms are more hygienic with lower bacteria levels when waterless urinals are installed. Without flushing water, there are no bacteria-spreading flush plumes. This means that the area around the waterless urinals and the entire washroom is cleaner and more hygienic. Finally Falcon waterless urinals also reduce washroom odours by providing an effective barrier from the drain by using the waterless patented urinal cartridge, housing and Allseal sealant. The cartridge’s airtight seal combined with the Allseal liquid is estimated to be 500 times more effective than conventional P-traps.

One year on, Ashton Woodley and his team at the Dartford Hilton are very happy with their decision to install them. “We’ve had no issues since the installation and we’re continuing to look for innovative ways to save even more water.”

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The Rodin Group was established in 1992 and has grown by identifying products that address environmental and cost issues in relation to water treatment and water consumption. Their product range includes commercial scale inhibitors, back-wash filters and disinfection systems as well as water conserving showers, taps and urinals. For further information please call 01795 423400, email info@therodingroup.co.uk or visit www.therodingroup.co.uk.


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