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Doors & Windows

De Soutter Medical HQ, Buckinghamshire


A RIBA Design award nominee, the corporate headquarters of De Soutter Medical features a prestigious, curved automatic entrance system designed and installed by TORMAX UK Ltd. Delivering an entrance up to 40% larger than linear sliding doors, these contemporary 180° glass doors create a strong architectural statement whilst maximising available space to ensure smooth through-flow of pedestrian traffic. Reliability is ensured with the doors being driven by the technologically advanced TORMAX 2201 operator. Measuring just 142 x 100mm, this slim unit is easily concealed within the circular casing, maintaining the aesthetics of the entrance.

De Soutter Medical is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of powered medical devices. The £4.56m headquarters in Buckinghamshire is a purpose-built facility that combines high quality office space with an extensive manufacturing resource. Enhancing the working environment, the development includes considerable external works and landscaping. Further emphasising this commitment to staff, the TORMAX curved entrance confers a high level of professionalism from the moment people arrive.

Offering exceptional safety and security, the TORMAX 2201 operator incorporates an emergency opening system that reacts with split-second timing when an obstruction is encountered on closing. A substantial electromechanical bolt offers a solid and secure locking mechanism, effectively reducing the risk of break-ins.

With simple keypad operation, the opening and closing speeds and hold-open time of the curved entrance can quickly and easily be adapted to match foot traffic and weather conditions, minimising heat loss from the building and successfully contributing to a more sustainable working environment.

An international, market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic entrance systems, TORMAX has over 60 years experience developing cutting edge operators to drive their wide range of folding, revolving, swing and sliding doors.