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Innovation in steel WCs – another first from Franke Washroom Systems


Creative redesign of Franke Washrooms Systems’ stainless steel WCs delivers cost savings, water savings and specifying advantage for specifiers.

The inclusion of an innovative single-piece P-Trap and an improved shape to the bowl in all Franke Washrooms Systems’ WCs means each one is quicker to manufacturer and as a result delivers a tangible cost saving on the retail price on all models of up to 5%. Improvements to the design, created by a new integral single-piece P-Trap replacing the previously three-piece assembly, is expected to provide the very best flush performance at 6 or 4 litre and dual-flush.

Effective from April 1st the new P-Trap and bowl design will be on all WCs in the Franke Washrooms Systems line-up including the floor-standing and wall-hung units. The new trap and bowl design will also feature on all prison combination units, disabled-access and bariatric WCs. The new WCs have been manufactured in accordance with British Standards EN 997:2012 ensuring suitability for inclusion in the most hardwearing environments and guaranteeing performance.

Andy Dukelow managing director of Franke Washroom Systems explains:

“We have been producing stainless steel catering and washroom products for over 200 years and our team are committed to developing products that support water conservation and provide maximum energy efficiency. This is a terrific illustration of how creative thinking can deliver savings and benefits in all ways.”

For further information about the product line-up from Franke Washroom Systems, please request a product guide and price list from ws-marketing.gb@franke.com