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Decorative, stylish and secure – doors and wall panels from Italy


Design for contemporary living that retains a classic style and remains fresh for years requires clever use of materials and decorative finishes. When style and security are both important it can be challenging to find solutions that don’t compromise on either.

Mention the name Carlo Scarpa to most architects and the name inspires attention. Scarpa’s reputation as an innovative architect and designer is still front and centre for today’s professionals in architecture, interior design and building consultancy. Scarpa changed the face of architecture with his use of unusual materials and trademark stepped designs that work effectively with both classical and modern decor.

The designs for the latest range of Oikos doors and wall panels are inspired by Scarpa and feature his signature clean, stylish lines and innovative use of materials. Although this range of doors is created with style in mind, it also addresses security with steel cores to both exterior and interior doors.

Doors and wall panels create an overall contemporary look and feel and the materials that cloak that steel core are as diverse as concrete and coloured glass. Whilst concrete isn’t such an obvious choice as a decorative finish, with the right treatment it can look spectacular enhanced with mosaic, bronze strips and other complementary panels. Concrete is a natural material and is versatile depending on the treatment used to finish it. It can recreate the look of shuttered planks or be honed to resemble black basalt stone.

Concrete mixed with resin applied in a veneer just 3-4mm thick is robust, sustainable and lightweight. For apartments it offers the look of concrete without the associated weight for doors and wall panels.

Concrete isn’t the only surface that turns heads – acrylic stone finishes, fabulous glass, wood and leather can all be used creatively to give any space a stylish finish.

Whether it’s a sliding door for easy disabled access, an acoustic rated door for a hotel or a statement entrance door, imagination should be the only guide – anything is possible.

Bluebell are the UK partners of Oikos (Italy) and specialise in providing stylish and secure doors and wall panels for architects, interior designers and development consultants.