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Defeat rising damp with super simple Safeguard Dryrod


Guaranteeing correct damp-proofing delivery each and every time, the new Dryrod damp-proofing rods from Safeguard Europe – the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repair solutions – are claimed to be the fastest, cleanest, easiest and most effective rising damp treatment on the market.

Comprising a synthetic rod manufactured from advanced polymers, the patented rods are impregnated with a silane/siloxane material that forms a DPC in brick, coursed stone, rubble infill and cavity walls. The rods have also been subject to testing to demonstrate that the percentage of water passing through protected masonry is 30 times less than ‘economy’ or budget damp-proofing creams.

Uniquely in the sector, the rods are effective in walls that are highly saturated, very porous and either highly alkaline – such as in new mortar – or with low alkalinity (old mortar). And they can also be installed in warm or cold walls – even when the wall is freezing.

Safeguard Dryrod damp-proofing rods incorporate patented technology developed over three years of intensive research that results in the simplest application ever – just a drill is required. Standard length 180mm long rods are simply inserted into 12mm holes at 120mm intervals along the mortar lines of a building.

This method enables deep penetration and a proven spread that delivers the exact dose in each hole, ensuring a complete treatment each time, as well as eliminating the spillage and mess that occurs with other methods of installation. Even more conveniently, the rods can be inserted end-to-end or trimmed back; as appropriate to the wall thickness.

Application also is totally consistent, making it easy to calculate how many Dryrod damp-proofing rods to use, and safe because the rods are formulated using non-caustic, non-flammable and solvent-free components. Unlike other treatments, the Dryrod treatment is very simple to check and inspect: you only have to pull the rod out and measure it – it will be immediately obvious whether the correct length and dose has been inserted or not.

Another benefit for heritage sites is that, if necessary, the rods can be removed from the mortar after six months when their active ingredient will have dispersed into the surrounding masonry. It is a quick and straightforward job to disguise the drill holes by repointing with colour matched mortar.

Backed by Safeguard Europe’s comprehensive technical support, Dryrod is supplied complete with information on the number and depth of drill holes required for various wall thicknesses and types, together with suggested drilling patterns to treat stretcher bond and Flemish bond brickwork and irregular stone.


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