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Design for the little ones: the S 43 K children’s chair adds a splash of colour Design Mart Stam (artistic copyright), 1931 Colour concept: Studio Besau Marguerre, 2021


2021 is the 90th anniversary of the iconic Thonet S 43 tubular steel chair, known for its understated, minimalist shape and timeless design language. A furniture classic, this cantilever chair brings a sense of authenticity and dependability to any room, and in its charming child-size version is the ideal solution in spaces designed for little ones… Thonet now introduces the S 43 K children’s chair in a new colour collection, created by the Hamburg-based design studio Besau Marguerre.

The five new shades, inspired by minerals and gemstones, provide beautiful colour accents without being garish or obviously ‘childish’. The stains used are both highly sustainable and safe for children.

“Especially for children, home is a safe haven and the central hub of family life. We chose our natural hues with this kind of space in mind,” says designer Eva Marguerre. For the new colour concept of the S 43 K children’s chair, she and her partner Marcel Besau selected tones that are vivid, but not too loud, and that can stand on their own or work in combination: from a warm amber yellow to a velvety coral agate, to the cooler end of the spectrum with cobalt blue and emerald green, the selected stain colours radiate natural warmth and calm.

Thonet began making children’s furniture back in 1860, and the company’s brochures from 1885 show an entire furniture collection sized to suit children. The Bauhaus also dealt in depth with the topics of children and children’s furniture. “The Bauhaus was really more than a school, it was a socially relevant outlook on life, and, as such, it was important to live it out and to surround yourself with it – and this, of course, also meant including the children, the next generation. This is the backdrop for the creation of the S 43 K children’s chairs,” explains Creative Director Norbert Ruf.

In his creation from 1931, Dutch architect Mart Stam took a chair design concept that had not changed for centuries and removed the back legs to rely on a cantilevered frame instead, thus revolutionising seating. With a focus on usefulness and austerity in aesthetics as well as materials, the S 43 that he created was an exemplary design in the spirit of modernism. For over 90 years, the model has been regarded as an absolute classic in furniture design, combining a linear shape, minimal use of wood and tubular steel, a clear construction and exceptional comfort.

The S 43 K has a seat height of 34 cm and is available in five different stained versions (amber yellow, ruby red, coral agate, cobalt blue, emerald green). All surfaces are resistant to saliva and sweat in compliance with DIN 53160-1 and DIN 53160-2 and also meet the toy safety standards of DIN EN 71-3.

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