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Designing eco-friendly gardens without sacrificing the aesthetic


Architects and landscapers nationwide are continuing to choose more sustainable materials to help combat the UK’s biggest waste streams.

HAHN Plastics have been battling plastic waste for over 25 years now, through the development of high-quality recycled plastic products created with our own unique raw material – hanit®.

Maintenance-free, light-weight and durable; we’ve found the clever alternative to wood, concrete and steel! hanit® can be drilled, cut and worked like comparable wooden products, but does not rot or degrade in any way.

Using palisades to skilfully sculpt and design outdoor areas

Palisades made from hanit® are incredibly versatile and great for shaping edges, retaining walls and walkways. Simple, yet effective; Palisades are available in grey, brown, and black, and in a variety of shapes to suit your needs.

Lighter than concrete and more durable than wood, our palisades are the perfect choice for transforming rotting traditional timber rounds into a quality, maintenance free showpiece.

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Compliment green areas with edging and sleepers

Pathways, raised beds, sandboxes, steps – our garden edging and sleepers made from hanit® offer endless possibilities to sculpt any outdoor area. Our rolled edging is perfect for those who want to create even more shape and curve appeal, whereas our straight edge and more substantial sleeper profiles are great for defining linear and more robust edges.

Easy to install and simple to work with; hanit® edging and sleepers deliver durability, efficiency, and an overall modern look to your outdoor spaces.

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At HAHN Plastics, recycling is a serious business and a labour of love. Our environmentally friendly processes make attractive and practical things out of waste plastic packaging. We turn bottle tops into outdoor products that will last for decades!

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