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W.E. Rawson Ltd


UK Manufacturer, Rawson Carpet Solutions have been supplying carpet tiles, entrance matting and a range of speciality products to the interiors market for over 50 years. Recently they have added 2 new ranges to their portfolio. In addition to a new fully recyclable solution called Recover, Rawson have unveiled their most design orientated range called ‘Riven’

Riven is a statement floor, personalised and flowing. Multi loop textured design in quality nylon yarn. Available in tile or plank. A deep and luxurious tile for your space.

Shortlisted as a finalist for the TCF awards, Rawson have been very pleased with their clients reaction to this new commercial carpet solution.

Slate, Shale and Graphite, with 2 ply construction, are shades which alone, or combined, can give the feel of nature’s materials.

Moss, Rock, Brook and Stone are offered with colour, natural expression, and individuality.

Here is a range that gives choice and design freedom whether you are designing a school, busy public space, shop or office.

Each colour sits beautifully in its space providing sinuous monolithic themes, however, this is a true designer carpet tile where the differing colours in the RIVEN range carry one single matching yarn, therefore , blend shale and slate in your installation to achieve a natural floor aesthetic with certain yarns running through the whole project The effect is sinuous and aesthetically pleasing.

Or, the options continue with blending Riven’s textured design with matching colour ranges from other products in Rawson’s Range.

Jazz loop and cut offer matching yarns to that of RIVEN and so smooth Trism, Slate, Blackbean and Spanish Sky can complement your space further. Providing a plethora of choice for design expression and a unique space design.

Our experienced team would be keen to show you the range.


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