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Designing The Right Wet Floor For Your Project


Over the last 30 years,On The Level has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of wet room formers and for solving problems arising from challenging wet room projects.

The experts at On The Level like nothing more than thinking around a problem, working out how to solve it, designing a product, testing it, manufacturing it and delivering the ideal solution to their customers.

The project could be in a new build, a pod system or a refurbishment but whatever the project a solution can usually be found.

Maybe a modular wet floor pre-fabricated in the factory and delivered as a ready-tanked
watertight product would be the answer, especially if you want to save labour time on site.
A custom built complete flooring system; formers in unusual shapes with more than one
waste outlet, or wet floors for epoxy resin are more examples of specialist solutions.

Whatever the challenge, On The Level will design and manufacture a robust product,
designed and made in their factory in Bedfordshire to your exact requirements, backed by
30 years of experience and a 30 year guarantee.

If you have a wet room project that is testing your patience, call On The Level for levelheaded
expert advice 0845 257 9651.

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