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Drainage & Plumbing Waterproofing

Detailed look at damp proofing products


Help with the technical planning of DELTA systems for foundation wall protection, drainage and waterproofing, is available in a 40 page brochure from Delta Membrane Systems.

The brochure has comprehensive information on how DELTA products can be used for the efficient protection from damp and water for buildings, cellars, underground parking lots, and tunnels.

Important codes regulating waterproofing and drainage are highlighted before the brochure goes on to focus on the DELTA range of products and the wide range of solutions they provide for a variety of damp proofing and drainage.

Detailed information is given on the products themselves, their construction, applications and performance benefits.

A full technical data table is also provided, giving a long list of information including hydraulic properties, along with graphs showing the performance characteristics of DELTA dimple sheets.

A useful chart showing the suitability of the various systems for a range of applications helps to make the specification process quick and easy.

A wide range of accessories is available from the company, and these are also featured.