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Mira’s built-in range is Adept at meeting modern needs


Hard on the heels of Agile, Mira’s first ‘high design’ mixer shower launch of 2013; the company has now introduced the Adept built-in mixer range for new installations. Stylish, compact and easy to install, Adept delivers a contemporary aesthetic combined with a host of benefits and accessories that will appeal to the end-user, developer, installer and stockist alike.

To complement the range there is a choice of upmarket accessories that can be retro-fitted to meet individual tastes, enabling developers to offer buyers the chance to trade up. These accessories include an extra parking socket for the showerhead, soap holders and shower gel dispensers.

The range caters for all needs, whether it is the ecologically-conscious wanting to save water or those who aspire to enjoy a luxury shower under a deluge head, or who would like a simple, efficient shower. Customers can select from six models, all guaranteed for five years and featuring separate temperature and flow controls complete with large, long-life filters and replaceable cartridges for easy servicing.

The range comprises the Adept BIV and BIV Eco, with 90mm multi-mode showerhead; the Adept BIR with a 200mm deluge shower head; the Adept BIR+ with a 250mm deluge shower head; the Adept BRD which has a 90mm multi-mode showerhead and a 200mm deluge head; and the Adept BRD+ which has a 110mm multi-mode showerhead and a 250mm deluge head. Both the Adept BIR+ and the Adept BRD+ are premium products that will be distributed through showroom channels.

Specifically developed to provide the integrated appearance of a built-in mixer, Mira Adept mixers are easier to install than most built-in valves thanks to features such as the miniature valve body with back-plate. The miniature valve means there is less digging out and the plastic backplate makes mounting the value onto the wall or stud work much easier.

All models come with the Magni-floTM system that gives up to three times more flow and are suitable for all systems apart from the Mira Adept BIV Eco which requires a minimum of 0.5 bar pressure because it features a water-saving regulator that cuts the flow to 6 litres/minute in order to meet the Code for Sustainable homes.

For greater flexibility when fitting, the valve can be adjusted to fit a depth of between 51mm and 70mm while some models feature adjustable fittings that enable installers to easily match the screw holes to the grout lines for a clean finish. The wall outlet – where the hose connects to a right-angled connector – is a push-fit connection to copper pipe and so provides a fast, simple and completely secure fixing.

Mira is the UK’s fifth largest investor in research and development because its goal is to bring innovation to the market with its new products – an approach amply demonstrated by the Adept shower range.