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Roofing & Cladding

New Permo underlay for monopitch extensions


The latest addition to Klober’s brand leading range of Permo underlays is Permo RS Extreme. This has been designed specifically for use on roofs such as monopitch extensions where existing windows preclude a tile or slate’s minimum recommended pitch. Permo RS can be laid at 10° and is therefore ideal for plain tiles, normally laid at 35 – 40°. Stability at high temperatures also means it can be used with in-roof solar panels systems.

Permo RS is light in weight, tear-resistant and has double, self-adhesive strips which provide a permanent seal of overlaps and immediate weatherproofing protection against wind, rain and snow. Highly vapour permeable, it can also be used with Klober airtightness products such as Permo Extreme Sealant for bonding to eaves flashings or for sealing transverse seams and T-joints.