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Download free 3D-models, textures and HDRIs from DOSCH DESIGN


Get to know the most important tools and functions of DOSCH DESIGN products with the free samples. Whether fully usable 3D models like vehicles or people, textures or VIZ-Images, the many illustrative sample files will delight you. The free models offer a practical introduction to modelling, texturing, animation or rendering. They are perfect for architects, 3D designers or CAD experts who want to test the quality and application possibilities without obligation.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating field of architectural visualization!

DOSCH DESIGN has developed a lot of helpful tools that make life easier for architects and have become an integral part of many users’ creative arsenal. Whether its 3D-models, textures, HDRIs or Viz-Images – check out DOSCH DESIGNs extensive product range with everything architects need to create the best looking visualizations. In our Online Shop www.doschdesign.com you´ll find a huge selection of 2D and 3D people, 3D models of furniture, buildings, kitchen, bathroom elements, plants, vehicles, etc. which visualize size dimensions, support spatial perception and make visualization believable.

Curious to know more? Then download our free samples at: https://doschdesign.com/samples.php


Since 1995 DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality CG products by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations, print publishing, motion design, etc. With its well-diversified product range DOSCH DESIGN supports CG artists in various fields in their daily work.



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