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Easy Performance


Jaymart – Bladerunner is an exceptionally hardwearing compressed rubber safety flooring which offers high underfoot comfort and warmth, substantial sound absorbency, excellent colour fastness and ease of installation. Bladerunner is easily able to withstand heavy equipment and high impact shocks such as dropped weights, golf spikes or ice skate blades.

Bladerunner is manufactured using up to 80% recycled granulate or crumb rubber, is environmentally friendly and can be recycled yet again! Suitable for use at gymnasia, swimming pools, changing rooms, car showrooms, football clubs etc.

Recent installations include Lancashire County Cricket Club, Salford City Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre, St George’s Park National Football Centre & Aldersley Leisure Village and easyGym to name but a few.

Photo shows Bladerunner installed at easyGym.

For further information please contact the Jaymart Sales Team on T: 01373 864926,
E: sales@jaymart.co.uk or visit www.jaymart.co.uk.