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Eco Friendly Bollards


Contemporary Bollards for a Greener Environment

ECO bollards from Leafield Environmental are environmentally friendly bollards, manufactured from a combination of 50% chipped recycled plastic bottles and 50% regular polymer that itself is usually recycled material.

All types of mixed plastic material can be accommodated in the process, removing the need for complete segregation into polymer type.

As with all Leafield bollards, ECO bollards provide security and protection for parking areas, roads, streets and all types of public and private spaces.

These bollards come in black or in an attractive mottled finish, due to the makeup of the material used. There are no drawbacks to choosing these environmentally friendly bollards, as they are also maintenance free, are extremely durable and require no painting. They will not rust or corrode even under the most arduous environmental conditions.

Popular in the ECO range are ECO Sentinel bollards. The modern, sleek design makes them the ideal choice for traffic calming schemes and demarcation of parking/pedestrian areas in urban, retail and industrial locations.

They are available with distinctive gold banding or with Class 1 or Class 2 reflective banding for enhanced nighttime visibility. The Eco Sentinel Visibol has no fewer than four highly reflective bands for ultimate visibility.

Leafield ECO bollards are available with a variety of fixing types including permanent, bayonet socket and surface mount, and an ‘anti-ram’ variant is also offered. They can be personalised to suit local authority or council specific requirements and may be coloured to enhance any street scene, (The stone effect ones being particularly popular).

Using chipped material to manufacture bollards puts waste plastic bottles to good use while reducing the environmental impact of re-processing the plastic to the absolute minimum… a small yet valuable contribution to carbon footprint reduction. Shouldn’t all ecologically aware bollard users be considering ECO bollards for the future?

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