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ECON Polyurethanes: It’s that simple!


Everyone knows effective insulation saves money because less energy is required to make habitable spaces comfortable. But identifying and installing future-proof insulation solutions that meet regulatory requirements can be time-consuming and fraught. Whether it is for a new build, commercial, or retrofitted property, specifying what to install, where, and by whom can be a minefield.

But back a winning formula and it is simple.

As an experienced and respected UK and Irish distributor of BASF polyurethane chemicals, ECON Polyurethanes take pride in working with the best.

We only distribute BASF chemicals created by the largest chemical producer on the planet; with over 155 years of expertise. Committed to sustainability since 1872, BASF is a tireless innovator. This includes the development of their eco-friendly open-cell and closed-cell spray foams which we distribute, Enertite® and Elastospray® LWP. Both foams create airtight seals but are free of toxic volatile organic compounds and ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons contributing to global warming.

We only allow BASF spray foam to be installed by our growing network of BASF-approved Foam Masters. Our installers receive full training so their work always complies with BASF installation methodology and meets national standards, code of practice, and building regulations. All the Foam Master contractors in our network undergo ongoing audits, ensuring standards are maintained and all spray foam practices are current.

We actively support our network of Foam Masters with ongoing and regular expert advice on all aspects of spray foam application and intricate interfacing with other elements. Our experienced team is also on hand to help architects and specifiers with build details, condensation risk analysis, cost guidance, CPD seminars, detailed drawings, product standards, product suitability, Psi Calculations, regulation compliance, SAP, and BER advice, and U-Value calculations.

So what’s our winning formula?

A one-stop solution of world-class BASF products, trusted and experienced installers and a distributor who won’t be satisfied with anything less than the best.

Get in contact with ECON Polyurethanes. It’s that simple!

ECON Polyurethanes UK
Letraset Building
Wotton Rd
Kingsnorth Industrial Estate
Ashford, Kent
TN23 6LN

UK +44 (0) 1233 229500

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