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Effisus Proflex FR – Elongation & Fire Rated The One and Only façade interface solution


Considering the fact that facade design plays a critical role in building performance: a recent study concluded that 30% of the building’s weatherproofing problems occurred due to directly façade construction failures and also being responsible for up to 40% of a building’s total energy consumption, and given the UK government’s target of achieving net-zero carbon for all new buildings by 2030, facade design has never been more important. With the dual concerns of building movements and fire safety in facade interfaces, it can be challenging to find a product that meets all of the necessary criteria without compromising on performance or design intent requirements.

Efficiency, sustainability and innovation are three key aspects which have driven the EFFISUS’ business core, among the years. “With the aim of adding value to the construction market, EFFISUS works to meet the different needs of customers, differentiating itself by offering a complete service, from the development of technical proposals according to customer needs, thus adapting their solutions to different situations on site”, notes Paulo Carvalho, corporate director for UAE business.

Being aware of the huge market gap regarding sealing façade interfaces, which haven’t changed from decades even with the evolution of the construction industry’s technology, and also the necessities of non-combustible materials in building façade systems, it was clear the market needed a breakthrough technology.

As advocates in weatherproofing and non-combustible materials for façade industry, EFFISUS developed once again a unique solution capable of having an excellent elongation capacity while being fire rated.

Effisus ProFlex FR membrane is once again an example of a cutting-edge solution that effectively addresses the challenges of sealing an interface while considering both elongation and fire safety in facade sealing.

This multi-layered, fire-rated, weatherproofing elastic membrane boasts an impressive 200% elongation capacity, exceptional resistance to puncture, and outstanding mechanical resistance, with high tensile and tear strength. Its fire performance is rated B-s3 d0 according to BS EN 13501-1, in conformity with Building Regulations 2010 – Approved Document B updated June 2022.

Not only is Effisus ProFlex FR watertight and energy efficient, it also offers ease of installation and a visually distinct white color to prevent potential installation errors. Its eco-friendly recyclable material promotes sustainable building practices that emphasize efficiency and environmental responsibility.

With its exceptional mechanical and fire performance, you’ll no longer have to compromise on safety or efficiency. By choosing products that meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability, we can build better and with high confidence.

Since 2011 being pioneers in fire rated membrane systems for façades, and having a vast project portfolio around the globe, especially in United Kingdom, EU, North America & Middle East. Our One and Only fire rated façade system solutions have been contributing for façade safety and building sustainability in iconic projects such as Battersea Power Station in London, Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Hudson Yards in New York, Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, among others.

Now we can provide complete non-combustible façade envelope systems: Breather FR UV for external façade cladding; ProFlex FR for interfaces; Vapour FR for internal façade, that means:

  • One supplier;
  • One complete system;
  • One warranty.

Let EFFISUS strive for buildings that not only perform well but also prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of their occupants. After all, our buildings are not just structures; they are the places where we live, work, and play.