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Emergency Battery Backup Unit for LED Lighting


Emergency Battery Backup Unit for LED Lighting

The latest innovation from Bri-Tek Technologies

Our patent pending product can be connected within 2 minutes to any manufacturer’s LED luminaires up to 42v dc and will work with any LED lighting 3-80 watts.

The benefits of Bri-Tek’s Emergency Lighting Battery is that it is more compact than any other unit on the market and has a vastly reduced installation time due to its size and simple connection process.


Bri-Tek’s emergency power supply for LED lighting is certified to meet and comply with all UK and EU regulations.


Bri-Tek Technologies LED Lighting

We offer a comprehensive range of top quality LED lighting such as panels, downlights, floodlights and tube lighting, including bespoke solutions.

downlight-4-inch-8-watt-main Flood-large-gray-main retail-lightHigh-bay-sideHigh-bay-main

Typical Application:-

Hotels and Restaurants, Schools and Universities, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Government Buildings


We are also a specialist in explosion proof lighting for use in zone 1 and zone 2 areas.




Typical Application:-

Power Stations, Railways, Refineries, MoD, Tunnels and Airports


Bri-Tek Technologies Quality Assurance

Quality is important to us and to ensure all of our products are manufactured to the highest levels,  Bri-Tek is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. All of our products conform to RoHS and CE.


For further information, call 0161 850 0905 or email info@britektechnologies.com

For a full range of all of our LED products and LED accessories visit www.britektechnologies.com

Find out more on our Emergency Battery Backup Unit www.ledemergencybattery.com

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