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ESG launches LCD vision panel offer


Following reports from FENSA of the first rise in the number of replacement window and door installation notifications since 2007, leading specialist glass processor ESG has launched a new offer on its ESG Switchable™ LCD Privacy Glass vision panel range.
Well-known for supplying high quality LCD privacy glass, the ESG Switchable™ Vision Panel offer is available for panel orders ranging from 0.15m up to 0.5m until 1st May 2013.. For further details, those interested can view the different options on ESG’s online Vision Panel page www.esgswitchableglass.co.uk/vision_panel/.

Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, commented:

“Not only do our privacy panels provide instant seclusion when required, they are quite often considered a clever design feature. Considering the competitive price point we have been able to introduce these at, and the increase in the number of replacement window and door installations, privacy glass panels offer an affordable design solution.

“With increased pressure to design-in additional security measures, especially in areas where valuable items may be on direct display to prying eyes, we expect the offer to be well-received. After all, ESG Switchable™ vision panels can be combined with any of ESG’s security glass products, including those tested to standards LPS 1270 and EN356. This affords a high level of protection against deliberate and opportunist attack.

“In addition, where fire resistance and sound attenuation are of equal importance, the panels can be combined with products offering those additional benefits.”

Simple in its operation, the ESG Switchable™ panels can be turned ‘on’ by a switch close by, allowing incidental light to pass through making the panel change from opaque to transparent within a split second.

For more information, please visit www.esgswitchableglass.co.uk