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Pegler Yorkshire Leads the Way in Design of New Hospital Tap


Plumbing systems manufacturer and the company behind the UK’s first Antimicrobial Copper tap, Pegler Yorkshire is, in line with the recommendations set out by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), leading the way for all manufacturers to improve designs of mixer taps suitable for the healthcare environment. 

An investigation by the HPA  found that as water is not sterile within a plumbing system water borne microorganisms are capable of forming a biofilm which is known to be more resistant to disinfectants than floating water borne microorganisms.  To reduce the possibility of theses biofilms harbouring opportunistic pathogens which can become responsible for hospital infections a key recommendation has been made by the HPA to remove the rosette or flow straightener from within the tap outlet.

“We continually engineer new and innovative products to ensure they are in line with, and often surpass industry standards,” said Phill Jackson, marketing and business development director for Pegler Yorkshire. “Following the investigation by the HPA we have engineered a new hospital tap design to remove the need for flow straightener components without compromising other health and safety issues, such as splashing which can cause wet floors and provide a contamination risk.”

The new design of the Pegler Yorkshire Performa hospital mixer tap range includes an inbuilt flow straightener negating the need for an additional component within the tap outlet. The engineering behind it focuses on the internal profile which funnels the water into the basin and reduces the risk of splashing, which is further supported by  controlled water flow that is regulated to 4 litres/min.   The mixer taps also benefit from a reduced angled spout which ensures there is no stagnant water left in the spout.

Phill continued: “It is essential that our products help to achieve a hospital’s target for the reduction of HCAI’s, we are doing this not only in the engineering of our taps but also in the materials used.  As well as the chrome plated mixer our revolutionary Antimicrobial Copper mixer tap will also benefit from the new design which further helps the facilitation of good infection and prevention control practices.”

The Pegler Yorkshire Antimicrobial Copper hospital tap range boasts the CU+ mark which signifies the products are capable of continuously killing pathogenic microbes even in between cleans.  Antimicrobial Copper is inherently antimicrobial through and through even when the surface is scratched the antimicrobial efficacy continues to work.

Phill concluded: “All Pegler Yorkshire Performa taps benefit from the inherent qualities of a Pegler Yorkshire product and by combining our knowledge and expertise with industry findings we are able to offer solutions to aid infection control.”