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In these troubled times informed opinion is saying that ventilation systems which extract are far more effective at removing pathogens than air circulation systems.  Furthermore, a ventilation system where the extract vent is in the ceiling diverts infectious germs away from individuals thus preventing dispersion into the room.

We already know that poor indoor air quality contributes to respiratory and allergy problems, with inadequate ventilation creating ideal conditions for dampness and condensation.  As well as being a health hazard, these conditions contribute to a host of other detrimental effects:  dank, musty smell; condensation on windows and walls;  mould growth; and a general deterioration to the fabric of the building.    Other consequences which are not obvious, and which may develop over time, are a rise in the incidence of house dust mites.

Thus, mechanical ventilation is even more of a necessity for the 21st century home.  A well-thought out, professionally designed, efficient, quiet and economic ventilation system is vital.  Vectaire’s whole house heat recovery products are aimed at controlling all these problems.  They can be installed in all types of dwellings, and are designed to ensure that ventilation is always delivered at the optimum (and most economic and energy efficient rate) for the comfort of residents.  They provide continuous ventilation by extracting pollutants and humidity and maintain a constant intake of fresh air whilst meeting the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy.

Vectaire has both vertical and  horizontal MVHRS within its range.  They are all low energy products with EC motors and are manufactured using the latest technologies to ensure both optimum ventilation and air quality combined with low noise levels, running costs and excellent SFP ratings.  Commissioning is via LCD screen.  The upright whole house heat recovery units – the Midis and the Maxis – offer the option of either an integral LCD or a remote LCD commissioning unit, whilst the in-line EVOs, Mini and Studio can be commissioned using the remote unit.  Thus, the commissioning engineer can easily adjust detailed unit functions including, for example, the trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, the length of the boost speed over-run time, the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode and night-time boost inhibitor times.  The user can see the speed at which the fan is operating, the relative humidity etc, and when the filters need replacing.  The user can also set the unit to holiday mode for energy saving when the dwelling is not occupied.  These units are all manufactured in our Andover factory to ISO9001 and are SAP PCDB Listed.

Vectaire can also advise on large commercial/industrial ventilation helping to ensure that restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools etc are properly and safely ventilated.

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