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Fire Line Automatic Bio Fireplaces


Among all the bio fireplaces available on the market, Fire Line Automatic deserves a special distinction. This modern, technologically advanced and highly safe product was created by Planika, a Polish company that is a world leader in bio fireplaces industry. Fire Line Automatic exceeds its rivals in terms of the implemented technical innovations, but also in terms of the safety. 

Photo: Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan 2012

This unique product can be put into a casing and is equipped with an electronic system used for regulating the flame size. The device is operated with a remote control, which can be programmed so as to operate several joined devices. This bio fireplace can as well be integrated with the Smart Home system, giving even more possibilities to control it with various devices. It is equipped with LED display, monitoring the work of the device, and also making the use of Fire Line Automatic much easier. This display and the remote control options will certainly appeal to all those who love modern solutions and technical novelties.

Safety above all.

Beside the modern shape and unique operational features, Fire Line Automatic surely exceeds its rivals thanks to the implemented safety systems. The product is equipped with sensors, which automatically turn the device off in case of any irregularities: higher CO2  concentration, opening of the fuel inlet, seismic activity or too high temperature. Fire Line Automatic implements extremely advanced, patented BEV Technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours) developed by Planika’s specialists, which ensures the highest safety. It is based on special fuel delivery system, thanks to which only heated fuel vapours are burned, optimizing the work of the device. This also results in a very effective, complete combustion process. For a standard product, 800 mm line of fire, burning time is over ten hours, which is an absolute record on the  market of bio fireplaces. Thanks to the BEV Technology there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame, which eliminated the eventual perception of the smell of ethanol. The additional advantage of that technology is the possibility to easily and safely control the temperature by the advanced microprocessor electronics. With the Fire Line Automatic we do not have to worry about an uncontrolled vapour ignition or overheating of the furnace. In case of malfunction, the safety sensors will turn off the device. There is no other manufacturer in the world that would have access to such innovative solutions.

Detailed tests and research.

Like other fireplaces made by Planika, Fire Line Automatic is tested and researched in a modern laboratory before leaving the warehouse. All the tests are focused on combustion characteristics, especially CO2 amount, efficiency and fuel consumption, flame stability, ignition safety, heat output and the user’s safety. The results of the research had an impact on the final burner construction project, which is rigorously tested in terms of safety. With the Fire Line Automatic we can be absolutely sure that all the most important norms are fulfilled. The best proof of that are the numerous safety certificates: CE, Omni Labs to UL Standard, GOST, PZH. The level of safety is also ensured by the highest quality of materials used to manufacture the furnace. Those materials have been chosen carefully, taking proper resistance and heat parameters into account.

Wonderful arrangement ideas.

Fire Line Automatic is undeniably a wonderful solution for architects, who would like to introduce a unique acceent into their project and simultaneously advise a very safe, highest quality product to the investors. A single Fire Line Automatic device is available in a standard length of 990mm with an 800mm long line of fire. However, it can be made to measure for a specific project, with the length between 790mm and 1580mm. Thanks to that we can easily adapt it to any casing, no matter if it’s placed in a big house, public building, a luxurious or a small apartment. For  very spacious interiors there is a possibility to create an extremely long  line of fire by joining several shorter devices, in which the line of fire is closer to the edge. 

The minimum capacity of the interior is 88 m3 for a standard device. To maintain all the safety features, Fire Line Automatic can be advised for the places that require especially high safety level. Due to that it is perfect for cosy restaurants, luxurious hotels, office buildings and other public facilities. All the guests will certainly notice the exceptional, elegant and modern decoration and the atmosphere created by the Fire Line Automatic.

Photo: Planika Fires

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