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Surrey Firm Becomes First UK Supplier of Revolutionary American Hard Floor Protection Product


A Surrey business has become the first in the country to stock a revolutionary new American floor protection product.

A Surrey business has become the first in the country to stock a revolutionary new American floor protection product.

Trio Plus received its first shipment of the US-made Ram Board, a unique temporary hard floor protector ideal for use during building projects, renovations and DIY work earlier this week. The delivery makes it the only company in the UK to stock the heavy duty temporary floor protection, manufactured in California and sold through 1000 stores in the USA and Canada.

Originally designed to protect floors from the heavy demands of the Hollywood movie industry, the super strength hard floor protection has been used on sets in Blockbusters like Armageddon, The Hulk, Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite what the name may suggest, Ram Board is supplied in rolls, which makes it easy to transport around a site. Made entirely from recycled materials, Ram Board is water proof and durable – tests have proven that it is strong enough to sustain a forklift truck being driven over it. It can be laid quickly thanks to its handy roll format and will stay flat when applied. The board can be removed just as easily and won’t leave any residue or mark on the floor underneath when the Ram Board is taken up.

Richard Scrannage, managing director of Trio Plus said, “We are always on the look out for tough new products to protect floors in homes and workplaces and they don’t come much tougher than Ram Board. Already a brand name in the USA, Trio Plus is delighted to be the only UK stockist of this product. We expect it to be a big hit with builders and contractors who need reliable, temporary floor protection that can be installed quickly and removed with the minimum of fuss at the end of the job. “

Unlike some hard floor protection products, Ram Board is vapour permeable, which means it can be used to protect floors that have only just been laid. Its porous material allows vapours from the adhesive to escape and the wood to breathe. Designed in conjunction with engineers, architects and constructors, it allows floors to cure while also providing heavy duty protection against ongoing works.
Ram Board is made with trademarked Flex-Fiber™ technology, making it the number one floor protection product of choice for US building contractors. Recognised as a ‘green building’ product by a number of US magazines, the product has been rigorously tested in tough conditions across thousands of building sites and film sets. It can be used to protect wood, tile, concrete, marble terrazzo, stone, VCT and epoxy.

To find out more about Ram Board and other temporary floor protection from Trio Plus, visithttps://www.trioplus.co.uk

Our carpet & floor protection products are widely used for the temporary protection of carpets and hard floors in both commercial and domestic buildings, during alteration, refurbishment or whenever a floor needs to be protected from heavy foot traffic.