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Flexypage lift displays


Flexypage lift displays


flexyPage is a modern and flexible system for the simultaneous display of lift data and multimedia presentations in and outside of lifts. flexyPage displays are available in several models and sizes from 10,1” up to 95”. They can be used in all lifts and for various use cases, in both newly constructed buildings or for retrofitting.

The flexyPage’s layout and functions are freely configurable, which can also be done via internet. Therefore, no specific software is needed; the configuration is done using your usual browser.

The display can be connected to the lift through digital inputs, as well as via the direct connection to the lift’s fieldbus. A variety of models are available. For the accessibility of manufacturer specific protocols, the LCL01 universal gateway can be used.

The functions are provided through widgets. These tiny programs can be flexible positioned and configured with regard to the desired screen design. This allows maximum flexibility for any application.

As flexyPage displays can be connected directly to the internet, there is the need of high security standards. These include the encryption of transmitted data and a role based right management system, which allows to provide the users different right levels for configuration.

Area of application for flexyPage displays The flexyPage displays were designed for use in lifts. They can be installed in new constructed buildings and in context of modernisation measures for lifts of all manufacturers.

The displays can be used in both the lift’s cabin and on the landings. Several interfaces, modules and sensors can be used for controlling. The displays have been applied for hotels, hospitals, office buildings and yachts.

The flexyPage displays can be equally installed in other areas i.e. the sector of building automation or ‘digital signage’.

For the connection to the fieldbus, a CAN interface and ethernet are available. In addition, special protocols can be implemented if needed. When other interfaces are required, the LCL01 universal gateway can function as a converter.


flexyPage displays can be used for both displaying content and as input device. If the latter is desired, the displays can be equipped with a touch sensor. flexyPage displays are also able to process signals of external buttons. The displays can be connected through integrated LAN and CAN interfaces. In this way, they can operate as a single unit and complement each other. Lift buttons, multimedia content and lift information can be assembled on different displays, which will be perceived as a unified whole.

The functions are provided through widgets. Each of those tiny programs has a defined range of functions, similar to smartphone apps. The widgets are provided through an integrated library and can be flexible positioned and configured in consistency with the screen design purposes.

Several widgets for the different displays of lift signals and buttons to input commands are available. Additionally, it is possible to portray various sensor data, such as position, speed or load.

For visualising multimedia data such as videos, slideshows, RSS reader or weather information, flexyPage provides also several widgets to offer information, entertainment and advertisement.

Platform independent configuration using a browser The development of the flexyPage displays had as objective to present web content, cloud connectivity and remote configuration. To enable an intuitive and flexible configuration, the configuration software was developed as a web application. That is why there is no need to buy additional software which must be installed and regularly updated. It is possible to configure using every current browser, which is independent from platforms, so that smartphones, tablets, Mac or Windows computers can be used.

Security functions + role based rights levels Devices which are connected to the internet demand high safety requirements. This includes the encryption of data transmission as well as a flexible user management, which only provides authorised users’ access and differentiates users’ different rights.

A role based rights management system has been integrated into the flexyPage display to allocate users’ different levels of right for configuration. This allows, for example, to let the engineer adjust the parameters of the interface, a screen designer change the appearance and other users only access the content of the display.

flexyPage portal

When managing one’s display using the internet, it is necessary to have an easy option for accessing them. The flexyPage display provides a central portal for your display’s administration.

Signals discrete and via CANopen-Lift

flexyPage displays are compatible with every type of lift. The signals are provided by internal or external input/ output terminals. The displays support additionally the open standard CANopenLift. Meaning it is possible to connect sensors from different manufacturers directly to the displays using this interface and consequential to show sensor data in different ways.

Energy saving functions

flexyPage provides several integrated power saving functions which automatically reduce the brightness or put the display to sleep when it is not used.

Timer- and event functions

The use of widgets enables high flexibility when implementing screen designs for different applications. But sometimes it is necessary to limit the portrayal of selected elements to specific times or events.

Special solutions

Widgets, timer and event functions enable a diverse range of flexibility to realise several applications. Sometimes, functions are required which demand customised and complex requirements to hardware or program functions. That is why flexyPage and its integrated functions are developed further continually We implemented, for example, a simple access control, which requires a pin code when selecting a certain floor, including a “partyfunction”, which temporarily deactivates the pin code. Also, the position based presentation of videos on several displays synchronously raises demands on hard and software. Under the condition that videos are presented depending on the current position and direction of travel, it is possible to simulate a window inside the lift.

Do you have an individual scope of application? We will be happy to help you

implement your requirements. Contact us via info@Atwellinternational.com. 01905 641881.  Atwell international are the UK agent for Elfin who supply the flexypage products.

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