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Floating Pods


Design & Display Structures have made significant roads into the simulation market, their latest project being two elevated projection screen pods which hover majestically over the OSC HQ restaurant area.

Accessed via a slender walkway the trainee enters from the balcony through a formed doorway. Once inside it is as if they have joined another world as they take their seat and controls in an all encompassing environment created by image projectors replicating a crane operators view point.

In true gaming fashion the twin pod installation enables operators to work together or independently on missions set by the trainer.

OSC came to D&D because of their proven market leading one stop ‘GRP design, manufacture and installation’ service provided on a worldwide basis. Recently D&D built in partnership with OSC a full ship bridge simulator 10m x 10m with 360 deg vision within a basement space. The sea swell and waves so impressive one instantly feels the urge to grab hold of something firm for stability!

Earlier pod examples include the impressive Queen Mary Centre of Cell comprising some 17 No 5m domes suspended in space and the Palestra organic shaped pod providing a unique 180m2 high street entrance foyer

to the TFL office block.

Currently D&D are working on two exciting organic shaped projects in Central London, details to follow soon.