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Flooding and Rapid Reoccupation


Processes to aid the recoccupation of flooded properties

This winter has been one of the wettest on record and in many areas this has resulted in flooding of both commercial and domestic properties on a scale not seen previously. The post-flood clean-up can be just as frustrating and torturous for the occupiers. Making the property habitable again can take a lot longer than expected.

There are number of processes that need to occur after a flood, these include: a health and safety assessment; flood damage assessment; removal of stubbornly remaining water and strip-out of damaged fixtures and fittings.

Learning from the flood of 2007 has been important. The drying process of a structure was highlighted as a major contributor to the delay in reoccupation.

Using Newton Products to Treat Flood Damaged Structures

After the stripping out of contaminated finishes and organic material and only after a Decontaminate Building and Sanitation Certificate has been issued can the drying out process begin.

A saturated wall can take up to a month per inch of its thickness to dry out and even with dehumidifiers, heaters and air changing units this process can still be painfully slow and inhibit successful recoccupation for a prolonged period of time.

Newton Waterproofing Systems supply a range of cavity membranes that can speed up the reoccupation of flood affected buildings. These High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes are described as cavity membranes because they are moulded in to a dimpled profile which creates an air gap between the membrane and the wall to which it is applied.
On in place the Newton membranes have two major benefits:

  • They provide a permeable barrier which separates new finishes from the damp structure. The new wall finishes will be permanently effective against damp, salts, staining, moulds etc…which could occur during the process.
  • They allow positive vapour pressure to ‘push’ dampness out of the property.


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