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For a iCONstant Peace of Mind


Airflow Developments Ltd has launched the intelligent new iCONstant, dMEV continuous running axial fan, for new build and refurbishment projects. Designed for use in all domestic wetrooms, the iCONstant is exceptionally quiet and operates using a low energy motor so its yearly running cost should never exceed £1.50, if operated under normal conditions.

iCONstant has been developed to consume minimal energy by using a highly efficient DC motor. With a trickle flow rate from 6l/sec and a boost flow rate up to 27l/sec, the fan complies with the Continuous extract ventilation rates of Part F of the Building Regulations. In addition, the iCONstant will be SAP Appendix Q eligible, which will be of particular interest to the growing newbuild market.

Airflow2The iCONstant’s intelligent humidity sensor offers the additional feature of being able to recognise a rapid increase in humidity and activates the boost speed before the pre-set value is reached so that preventative ventilation commences. Should this occur, the fan reverts to the trickle speed when the humidity level is within 10% of the set point. The benefits of this are that energy consumption is kept to a minimum and noise levels are reduced, whilst ensuring optimum ventilation is achieved.

Another feature is the fans ability to delay the start of the boost function by 2 minutes on the live switch and humidity sensor. This is particularly advantageous for those quick visits to the toilet during the night – to avoid waking up the entire household. The boost activation on the pull cord is instant.

In terms of style, the iCONstants circular design is based on Airflow’s successful iCON brand of extractor fans. While an added feature is its LED light, which flashes through the cover in the event of a failure. Moreover, the white cover can be wiped clean with a wet cloth and removed with a simple twist off action when the cover and or inner parts require a proper clean.

“We are delighted to be launching the iCONstant dMEV continuous running axial fan,” commented Steve Bergh, Product Manager at Airflow. “The market for Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation (dMEV) is becoming particularly prevalent in the social housing sector as specifiers, and also landlords, seek a ventilation solution that will satisfy the need for an energy efficient, economical to run and low noise fan that requires minimum human intervention.”

In addition, the iCONstant has achieved IPX5 ingress protection rating, so it can be installed within zones 1 and 2 of a bathroom or en-suite. Thus, making the product incredibly safe to operate.


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