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Fortex Cladding used for energy efficient home


Freefoam Building Products is delighted to report that the Fortex Cladding product is offering considerable benefits to those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their home.Experienced property developer Mr Vic Drake recently used the Fortex Weatherboard in Pale Gold to create a stunning thermally efficient home.  Located near Sevenoaks in Kent the property is situated  within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  The land was previously occupied by a one bedroom bungalow on a steep sloping site offering Mr Drake the opportunity to create his first completely new build property.

One of the main aims was to construct a highly energy efficient home with the need to include substantial insulation as part of the design a key driver. With other older properties in the area featuring external weatherboard cladding Mr Drake looked at different cladding systems that would enable him to create a sealed envelope to enhance the 200mm insulation of the SIP constructed building.

Mr Drake undertook a detailed investigation into a variety of systems including wood, cement composite and PVC comparing insulation properties, manufacturing processes, cost, long term maintenance issues and finishes.  He liked the finish of wood but found it was heavy to transport, needed on-going maintenance and could lose its insulation properties over time.  Cement composite cladding was another option and although very durable and holds its colour well, again is very heavy, isn’t eco-friendly to manufacture, cannot easily be recycled, and is heavy to handle during fitting.

Mr Drake chose the Freefoam Fortex product and explained his reasons “We found that the Freefoam Fortex range was the best option for us.  We like the commitment Freefoam has shown to Environmental Management with the ISO14001 certification, and the product gave us the ability to include insulation materials beneath the external layer enabling us to create a highly thermally efficient home.  the long term durability of the product, its compatibility with insulation products, it’s easy, fast and light to fixing properties and the added advantage of no on-going maintenance. Additionally our planning department were also very happy with the embossed wood effect finish – it’s both aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with other local traditional properties.”

Colin St John Freefoam UK General Manager commented “This example shows just how well the Fortex range performs. It works perfectly when fitted with insulation  components, is easy to install and needs minimal maintenance making it an ideal solution for both self-builders and those undertaking renovation to create an energy efficient home”