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The award winning, popular New Houses & Extensions Plus program produced by Easy Price Pro


The award winning, popular New Houses & Extensions Plus program produced by Easy Price Pro was developed some 25 years back by builder and Easy Price Pro’s founder Paul Betts.  Paul was unable to find an easy, accurate pricing program that met the needs of his business so he decided to create his own and the NHE’s ancestor was born.

The NHE Plus has a proven track record in producing accurate professional quotes for new building works in a short space of time. Easy Price Pro has continuously worked to improve and update this fantastic program, ensuring it meets all the latest building standards & trends, as well as implementing the feedback from their 1000’s of users. With the recent release of the New Houses & Extensions Plus 6 there has never been a better time to start estimating the easy way.

NHE 6 LaptopEasy Price Pro is on a continuous mission to improve, remaining the best takes work and the development team who are still to this day headed up by builder and founder Paul Betts certainly aren’t work-shy. They have spent the last year going through the entire program with a fine tooth comb and the end result… a robust, intuitive program that is even easier to use. It’s compatible with the latest computer technologies and is already meeting and exceeding both new and existing customer’s expectations.

For those who are not familiar with the NHE Plus program in a nutshell, you enter the client details and go to the pricing sheet. The logical pricing sheet is laid out in the order that the work will take place. In each section you just enter the requested details into the clearly marked red boxes and the pricing is underway.

The program will do almost all of the thinking for you calculating all the required material, plant, labor and hours for every single item needed. Everything is worked out right down to the last nail, and minute of labour…nothing is forgotten. The program is intuitive, for instance when you enter in your windows the program will automatically deduct Items that are not required in the window area, examples would be: bricks, sand, cement, plastering materials, paint and so on

When the pricing is complete which will take no longer than one hour for an average house or extension you can instantly access all of the professional reports that are automatically generated and based on the information in the pricing sheet. These include a written quotation, payment and work schedules, bill of quantities, summaries for you and your client, a gnat chart, a material order sheet and more!

Easy Price Pro knows that every business is unique – the New Houses & Extensions Plus program is designed to be extremely flexible. Fine-tuning the settings so it produces quotations based on an individual’s methods, requirements, costs and preferences is incredibly straight forward.

The NHE 6 includes a brand new section that enables users to set many of their preferences straight away. It is also packed with even more interactive pictures, so drilling down into the finite detail is really straightforward, they are also a fantastic reference point if you require any clarification about the item that is being calculated. The layout of every pricing section has been improved to make it even more user friendly and new pricing options and functions have also been added throughout the pricing sheet.

Perhaps the biggest leap forward can be found in the additional help and explanations of how the program is calculating the information. The program is packed with information icons so understanding how everything is being worked out can be done there and then, no giant user manual to trawl through just the information you need, exactly when you need it, allowing users of the program to understand exactly how the numbers are being crunched!

Now is the time to start estimating the easy way. You will not find a more logical accurate estimating program in today’s market. For a no obligation demonstration or for more information on what’s new in the New Houses and Extensions program contact Easy Price Pro today. You can call 0845 612 4747 or visit www.easypricepro.com.

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