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Frameless glass curtains for Manchester United canteen extension


The first-floor canteen at Manchester United’s prestigious Carrington Road training ground HQ has been modernised and significantly extended thanks to a large ‘Clearline’ aluminium sliding/folding door installation designed and installed by Kent-based, glazing construction specialists Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd.

The ‘Clearline’ installation consists of two sets of sliding/folding insulated glazed curtains forming a newly enclosed extension to the Premier League Club’s canteen. The second set of doors opens from this area – which has been equipped with offices down each side – onto a balcony overlooking the training ground.

The opening served by each of the Frameless Glass Curtains (FGC) door sets is approximately 11.2m wide and 2.9m tall. It is spanned by 18 sliding/folding panels (curtains), each having a width of 0.8m. The inner set of doors is single-glazed, while the outer set giving onto the balcony, is doubled-glazed and thermally broken in order to deliver a high level of thermal efficiency and a warm environment for the occupants.

Both sets of FGC ‘Clearline’ doors are equipped with stylish glass handles that allow them to be opened from inside or outside. When the doors are fully open, the individual curtains fold away to form a stack just 405mm wide on each side of the opening. This leaves the largest possible clear space for people to pass through either from the canteen or from the balcony.

A Frameless Glass Curtains (FGC) sliding/folding door installation is unique in that instead of solid metal mullions between the panels, there is a toughened glass spacer (patent pending) together with a PVC bubble gasket which when compressed – as it is when the door is closed – becomes all-but-invisible. The outer frame is similarly unobtrusive, being concealed within the walls and the floor.

The result is a truly ‘frameless’ door with a minimal 5mm threshold that gives a totally uninterrupted view to the exterior whether the door is open or closed. It was this clear-view quality that made Manchester United decide to use FGC for the canteen extension.

To learn more about the ‘Clearline’ range from Frameless Glass Curtains or to arrange a visit to the company’s factory and showroom at Unit E, Alt Barn Industrial Estate, Revenge Road, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent, ME5 8UD call on 01732 848088 or visit the website www.framelessglazing.co.uk