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Residential, Bath


An improved thermal performance required on two new properties on a small site overlooking Bath presented a challenge to a small developer. More insulation threatened to increase the footprint which would mean getting new planning permission. Then Building Control suggested a solution…

H&N Developments, a small family-run developer working in the Bath area, bought a small piece of land in a great position overlooking Bath. They changed the planning permission so they could build two new properties, a 3-bed detached house and a 3-bed detached bungalow.

Building Control required an improvement in the specified thermal performance of the insulation and recommended Jabfill Premium.

Joe Haysler, H & N Developments said: “Jabfill Premium not only gives us a U-value of .22; it allowed us to keep the overall wall thickness the same.

“We could build the block work right against it and we put the stone or render straight onto it.

“If we had not used Jabfill we would have lost space inside the house and we would have had to re-apply for planning permission because of the increased footprint. This is a restricted site so how we use the space is vital.

“Jabfill also allows us to use bath stone so the new properties tie-in with the existing houses nearby.”