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Furla Headquarters


GEZA Architettura

Furla Headquarters “Progetto Italia”: an industrial architecture and office project integrated into nature, where working environment, sustainability and landscape are harmoniously conceived.

The new Furla Headquarters are located in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence, immersed in the Chianti area. The project highlights a paramount theme: the integration of the industrial architecture into the Italian landscape, providing an opportunity to rethink the quality of the workspace.

Architecture and nature are perfectly blended along all directions to create a unique element where the design and the Chianti landscape (defined by hills, heritage, and agricultural areas) communicate harmoniously.

The Furla factory covers 42,000 sq m of soil – 18,300 sq m built – and has three main volumes (one for offices, two for labs and logistics) designed to be harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape, without too much contrast. Architecture and nature coexist in a functional balance.

The morphology of the land is truly taken into consideration and is enhanced through three fundamental elements – the driveway, the terraces, and Piazza Furla – which define clear areas around the building volumes. Thanks to a system of patios and green roofs overlooking the wooded area, nature crosses the boundaries between inside and outside. The main entrance recalls the archetype of Tuscan villa access: a linear row of cypresses welcoming visitors and showing the way through. This rhythm is replicated on the facade of the buildings with sunscreen filtering blades.

The entrance to the offices, with the double-height reception and the large open-air hall, becomes the point where the boundaries between architecture and landscape merge. The interiors have been designed in such a way as to have real layout flexibility. The orderly sequence of offices is punctuated by green patios, or relationship spaces.

Nature is a prominent element, not just because of its beauty (Chianti hills), but also because it creates a pleasant environment once blended into the building: patios, green coverings, and natural light contribute to a more sustainable working habitat, where people can also relax and enjoy contact with nature.

Finally, sustainability plays a key role in this project, which has been designed to comply with green energy best practices.

Technical sheet

Client: Furla FC Immobiliare spa

Location: Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Firenze


Design phase: 2017-2018

Construction: 2018-2021


Dimensional Data

Area of intervention: 42.000 mq

Building Area: 11.000 mq

Total Built Area: 18.300 mq

Production: 15.500

Offices: 2.800 mq

Terraces and green roofs: 1.200 mq

Freight area and outdoor parking: 7.700 mq

Green Area: 23.000 mq


Photographer: Fernando Guerra

Structural Plan

Consilium Servizi d’Ingegneria (Firenze)

Ing. Paolo Pietro Bresci (mechanical structure project management)

p.i. Marco Cellini (electrical and special structure project management)

About GEZA Architettura

Established in 1999 by Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi, GEZA Architettura is a studio led by curiosity and passion, focused on research of the synthesis of Ideas, Beauty and Functionality.

According to GEZA, the project implies designing the SPACE (Architecture) within its ENVIRONMENT (light and landscape) through the seasons of TIME.

The primary focus of the studio surrounds industrial architecture in relation to the landscape, in a new way of conceiving workspaces.


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