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Future-proof your home with a Stiltz Homelift


None of us are getting any younger. But even if you’re still able to take the stairs two at a time, there’s no harm in casting your mind a few years forward and think about how to make your clients now home, future proofed.

With a Stiltz Homelift, you are no longer restricted to using unsightly stairlifts or cumbersome through-floor lifts to access all areas and reach different levels in a home.

The Stiltz Homelift has 2 or 3 person models specifically designed to blend beautifully into your client’s home, whether their décor is classic or contemporary.

Due to its unique design and compact footprint, our lifts can be installed into almost any space in any home. The smallest Stiltz Homelift, the Duo, has a footprint of less than 1m2 with a larger model; the Trio Homelift, available if space allows or is needed for a wheelchair user.

The installation of a Stiltz Homelift usually only takes one to two days (after initial building work has been completed), depending on the lift model. All Stiltz Homelifts plug directly into a domestic power socket and are extremely economical to use. Each homelift comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty with additional warranty and maintenance packages available to purchase.

Each range includes a ThruCar version, which allows users to enter/exit from opposite sides of the lift car and the flagship Trio Plus Homelift has a beautiful, curved lift car shape and is available in a soft, warm grey shade.

Contact us today on info@stiltz.co.uk or 0808 296 7046 to find out how we can help future-proof your client’s home.

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