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Gainsborough Specialist Bathing launches new mobile patient hoist range for the care environment


Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, Europe’s leading choice in assistive bath provision, installation and support, has launched a new series of Glide mobile patient hoists for the care environment.

For over 25 years, Gainsborough, which is part of the Care in Bathing Group, has supplied specialist assistive bathing solutions from concept to completion, in a variety of locations from residential care homes to acute wards. Gainsborough can now also provide lifting and transfer solutions alongside its assisted baths with the launch of its new Glide range. The introduction of the Glide M150 Mobile Bath Hoist, M180 Mobile Hoist, M200 Stand-aid and M320 Bariatric Hoist, follows the successful launch of the Glide 200 ceiling track hoist system from Gainsborough.

This new range of versatile hoists is designed to enhance the patient transfer experience and each model will deliver the same high levels of reliability, quality and safety associated with the Gainsborough range of powered baths. Gordon Farmiloe, Care in Bathing Managing Director explains: “The Glide 200 ceiling track hoist system has already proven popular with care providers and our new mobile hoists promise to deliver even more benefits. Moving and handling best practice is critical in all modern care environments along with maintaining high levels of safety. Hence these new hoists help to meet these challenges through industry-leading performance and are ergonomically designed for enhanced patient safety and reduced carer risk. The new Glide mobile hoists have been intelligently designed to offer a range of advanced features that reflect Gainsborough’s respected heritage for innovation in design. When you consider the operational benefits of choosing a complete bathing and moving and handling solution from Gainsborough, care providers now have a choice that will deliver significant advantages.”

New Glide M180 Mobile Hoist

The Glide M180 from Gainsborough is manufactured in lightweight yet robust aluminum and is a safe and durable moving and handling solution. Compact and exceptionally capable for its size, it provides a safe working load (SWL) of 180kg (28st) and is ideally suited for care environments where space is restricted. The Glide M180 is highly manouvrable with low friction castors and electrically adjustable leg opening for ease of repositioning. It has an overall weight of only 35kg and its ergonomic design ensures care providers can perform a variety of transfer tasks safely and efficiently.

The M180 also incorporates an innovative diagnostic system that digitally monitors performance whilst ensuring LOLER compliance. Every lift cycle or movement of the actuator is recorded on the digital interface and the next service date is always displayed. When the service date is reached, the M180 will sound an audible alert so operators are aware that the lift requires a maintenance inspection. The additional levels of safety this diagnostic system provides is further supported by an overload alarm and a battery status indicator. The new Glide M180 mobile hoist is supplied with a 2-year warranty and is compatible with a wide variety of slings.

New Glide M200 Stand-aid Hoist

The versatile Glide M200 has been ergonomically designed to facilitate standing, seated transfers and assisted toileting for patients with some weight-bearing ability. Manufactured in durable, lightweight aluminum, the M200 also incorporates the same high quality components and safety features used across the rest of the Glide range, including the intelligent diagnostics system. The M200 is a highly reliable, standing aid that provides maximum safety for the user and can be easily manoeuvred under beds, chairs and around wheelchairs. The Glide M200 has a SWL of 200kg (31st), comes with electrically operated leg opening and is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre.

New Glide M320 Bariatric Hoist

With an impressive SWL of up to 320kg (50st), the new Glide M320 from Gainsborough is the ideal solution for lifting and moving of bariatric patients. It has been designed to accommodate larger clients and encompasses the same variety of ergonomic features included in other Glide models. Despite its size, the M320 has a remarkably low chassis so it can provide unhindered access under beds and furniture. The electrically controlled actuator has a smooth start/stop action and the lifting boom includes a four-point spreader bar as standard for increased patient comfort. The hoist is compatible with a range of bariatric slings and the M320 has extra large padded push handles so carers can move the hoist more easily during transfer. The foldaway gait training handrails are ergonomically positioned for bariatric users to use when undergoing rehabilitation.

New Glide M150 Mobile Bath Hoist

The Glide M150 from Gainsborough is an easy to manoeuvre mobile bath hoist that provides a safe, comfortable and dignified transfer for residents in and out of an assisted bath. It delivers a SWL of 150kg and the stainless steel components are power coated and zinc plated for high levels of durability, strength and hygiene. The M150 can also be easily cleaned to reduce the possibility of cross infection and its seat is covered in a soft, non-permeable material with foldaway safety arms for additional support.

Fully compatible with Gainsborough’s range of Hi-lo baths, the M150 hoist has been intelligently designed to provide maximum assistance to the care provider. It is operated via easy to use foot controls so the carer has the advantage of both hands being available when attending to a resident. The low, narrow chassis provides unhindered access under an assisted bath and the smooth, high specification castors include independent braking and a straight steering device for improved control. There is a highly visible emergency stop button and a simple to use magnetic battery connection toprovide straightforward charging. Complementing Gainsborough assistive baths, the new Glide M150 provides an optimum moving and handling solution for all care providers.

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The new Glide M200 from Gainsborough is a highly versatile, standing aid that provides maximum comfort and safety for the client and carer