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New SGGUK website provides eye-pleasing form and powerful function


Saint-Gobain Glass UK Ltd, the company behind market leading low E glass Planitherm and a range of high performance and effective solutions for all glazing requirements, has redeveloped its website to provide a fresh, exciting and easy to use experience.

The site has been evolved in direct response to customer feedback. Saint-Gobain Glass selected the UK as the pilot project that will be rolled out internationally.

With a fundamental challenge to improve the experience of all groups using the website whether homeowners or professional specifiers, SGGUK has ensured its new web site enjoys a cleaner, crisper appearance at the very least. Improved navigation – which for example allows the highlighting of sub headings within specific sections simply by hovering the mouse over any information required – ensures that any references required by the user can be found quickly and easily.

The site is segmented by sector: for example those seeking information on glazing solutions for homes are able to find appropriate information quickly and easily whilst commercial specifiers, such as architects, can easily match solutions to any specifications.

A further approach to providing clarity is the separation of general product information and technical data. This has been done to ensure that those looking for a general solution are not overwhelmed whilst specifiers seeking in depth technical information may also find everything that they require.

With a great deal of attention paid to ensure the site is pleasing to the eye, function remains paramount. For example such features as scrolling banners allow the display of key announcements such as product launches, company announcements and developments and other key information to ensure users are updated whenever they visit.

Acknowledging the need for a more intuitive and interactive experience the SGGUK web site also provides a number of downloads and even smartphone apps, all of which ensure that the information provided by the site can be put to work in the real world directly and effectively, rather than simply being available for reference.

Sustainability is addressed through a dedicated section that deals with individual product solutions, as well as the specific policies of Saint-Gobain Glass and Saint-Gobain Group.

Ahead of the launch of the website Andy Hyde, Sales & Marketing Director for SGGUK said:
“The new website has been specifically designed with all of our key stakeholders in mind. It’s easy to navigate, and full of useful information and tools. With the UK being the international pilot for the project the pressure was on, but we are confident that we have delivered an excellent solution that all of our customers will benefit from.”

The Saint-Gobain Glass UK Ltd web site may be visited at www.saint-gobain-glass.com/uk