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GEC Anderson introduces SolidTop™ 6.0


An exiting new concept in stainless steel worktops, known as SolidTop™ 6.0, has recently been introduced by GEC Anderson.

SolidTop™ 6.0 is a stainless steel worktop system featuring worksurfaces made from top quality 6.00 mm solid stainless steel plate. Worksurfaces are simply cut to shape and size, incorporating all usual features, such as integrated sink bowls, cut-outs for hobs, tapholes and other details. The big difference, though, is in the material used and in the edges. Instead of pressing and folding edges, as with conventional stainless steel worktops that are made with a thinner, sheet, material, SolidTop™ simply have no edges – just the [6.00 mm] sheet thickness is visible.

GEC2The result is a very simple and elegant look with significant design and creative opportunities. Apart from their ultra-thin appearance, SolidTop™ surfaces can be cut to precise shape and size – including curved and irregular edges – to a greater extent than is possible with conventional stainless steel surfaces. Splashbacks, panels and even furniture elements, such as doors and drawer fronts are also possible.

As with GEC Anderson’s other Made-to-Measure stainless steel worktops, SolidTop™ surfaces are available with brushed satin finish as standard. The optional ‘Patina’ finish can also be supplied. The Patina finish is an increasingly popular alternative to brushed satin stainless steel and features a unique and random pattern of minute surface marks, providing a kind of pre-distressed look that disguises scratching and marking that occurs in everyday use.