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George Barnsdale has announced the launch of its latest CPD webinar


George Barnsdale has announced the launch of its latest CPD webinar- “The Power of Paint – Restoring faith in timber fenestration” which goes live on 5th December 2023 at 1PM.

The webinar seeks to restore architects’ and their clients’ faith in timber windows and doors by explaining the benefits of modern coatings.

Joined by Dave Christie from Remmers, a leading paint/coatings manufacturer,  Stephen Wright, Chairman of George Barnsdale will look back at the history of paint, whilst Dave explains the science behind modern paints and coatings. There is also a section offering guidance to architects on how they can help incorporate innovative designs to extend the life of timber as well as some helpful specification tips. 

The webinar doesn’t shy away from the environmental issues and challenges the use of plastics in modern coatings – asking if there are alternatives.

Why should delegates attend?

A range of areas will be covered in the session:

  1. Unlock the secrets of durable timber windows – Stephen Wright and Dave Christie will delve into the science behind the durability of modern coatings. They will also cover the history of coverings from linseed oil to lead paint, right up to modern day paints and stains. The session will give an insight into how to reduce maintenance costs and environmental impact.
  2. Sustainable Design – In an era where sustainability is paramount, speakers will discuss how the right coatings and window designs can enhance the eco-friendliness of building projects. They will also challenge just how sustainable modern coatings are – they contain plastic after all!
  3. Aesthetic versatility – paint isn’t just about protection – it can be used for creative purposes and as a powerful tool for architectural expression.
  4. Continuous professional development  credits– attendees can request a certificate at the end of the session which can be used to support their ongoing professional development records.

Free to attend, architect, specifiers or anyone working in the built environment can sign up to attend this CPD webinar event here.