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LED Luks


LED Luks, the European manufacturer of commercial and architectural LED luminaires, has launched a new product family for hospitality and ambient lighting.

DRY is a family of luminaires with an »eye-catcher« effect. The variety in shape and the combination of illuminated rod with the optional panel make DRY a very decorative and a functional luminaire. Its versatility allows you to adapt it for various projects needs and to use the same product family throughout your interior, easily adopting it in every office, hospitality or residential project. Its specific shape deliveres a double light effect:


The minimalistic basic option is available as a rotating illuminated aluminium rod, enabling to direct the light to the desired surface and to create atmospheric scenes.


The upgraded option uses a decorative panel for an additional hidden light spot. Various materials and covers can be chosen, creating a sophisticated, but bold luminare at the same time. DRY is availabe in many installation possibilities, like a pendant luminaire, a stand-alone floor lamp or used as a wall luminaire.