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German Design Award goes to Wallinstallation HOOKS designed by MAOMI


Interior brand MAOMI, founded by German designer Uta Meeder, offers premium design items without compromising on production: From sustainable materials and socially responsible production to the longevity of the final object, MAOMI’s products are an all-round pleasure. One of their unique products recently won the German Design Award – the wall installation HOOKS, a coat rack of a very different kind…

Interior brand MAOMI offers premium design items without compromising on production. MAOMI HOOKS recently won the German Design Award. The high-quality, minimalist forms offer space for peace and creativity and are not least convincing through their tactile finesse.

Established in 2015 in Mannheim, Germany, MAOMI is passionate about craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Out of appreciation for the environment, nature and fellow human beings, MAOMI places great value on sustainability and social participation when choosing its production partners. In addition to aesthetics and sustainability, MAOMI also attaches great importance to the functionality of the individual products. Award-winning wall installation HOOKS stands out as a particularly unusual design object – for HOOKS are wardrobe and object art at the same time.

The form derives from the hand of the ceramic artist Emmanuel Boos, a friend of Uta’s, with whom she collaborates closely. His experience and expertise with the material had a significant influence on the creation of the HOOKS. From the final nine base forms of the HOOKS that were designed in this way, casting moulds were taken in the production facility in Sri Lanka to then produce further sequels in natural stoneware. These are then fired, glazed and finally fired again. So instead of passing on a 3D model to factories for mass production, a transnational collaboration takes place here, from one creating hand to another, from workshop to workshop.

The family-run factory in Sri Lanka attaches great importance to social fairness – this was very important to MAOMI when choosing its production partner. A fair minimum wage, regulated working hours with breaks and payment for overtime or sick days are a matter of course here. In addition, the costs of medicines are covered and subsidized meals are provided. Particularly high value is also placed on equality and inclusion – for example, not any workers are dismissed, but rather, in a communal sense, a job is found that suits.

Recently, the HOOKS became the recipient of a very special honour: they won the German Design Award in the category “Furniture” for their design. The German Design Award is presented by a renowned jury to manufacturers and designers who enrich the international design-oriented scene with innovative products and projects and set groundbreaking trends in the design industry. Thus, the meticulous craftsmanship that brings the HOOKS to life, but also the inspiring artistic conception from which the design and the idea for it emerged, was justifiably recognised by the award.

In colour and shape, HOOKS are reminiscent of pebbles that have been finely polished by water. Their haptic gives a cozy warmth due to their natural origin. HOOKS are offered in three different monochromatic sets. The large set includes the entire 9 shapes, the two small sets contain 5 variations each. They are available in the colours “stone grey”, “sand grey”, “off black” and “off white”. Each HOOK has an internal stainless-steel thread and a matching screw which makes the installation quick and easy.

There are no limits to the installation – HOOKS can be installed as desired to create varying works of art, whether indoors or outdoors. This is probably one of the reasons why they are so attractive for interior designers’ projects.

MAOMI products are available in selected retail stores, through interior designers and in curated online shops. In addition, they are presented in the showroom in Mannheim, Germany. For more information on the MAOMI brand, the wall installation HOOKS and other products, please visit the website: www.maomi.de