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GHA shows the way with Kidde Fyrnetics’ TenYCO range


Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) has been able to increase its CO alarm replacement cycle by using Kidde Fyrnetics’ TenYCO range – the very first battery carbon monoxide alarms with a full 10-year guarantee covering both alarm and sealed-in lithium battery.

GHA is one of the largest social landlords in the UK, with more than 43,000 tenants and has been fitting CO alarms for a decade whilst undertaking heating installations. In 2008, this was extended to maintenance contracts as well. As GHA’s Kenny Brown explains:

“We have around 26,500 properties and every one is fitted with a minimum of one CO alarm which is checked annually as part of the maintenance programme.

“With the earlier 6-year life alarms, we replaced each unit after 4 years. But now using Kidde’s TenYCO range, with its full 10-year guarantee covering both alarm and sealed-in lithium battery, we are looking to replace the unit after 9 years, which makes a real difference and, in addition, dramatically reduces our maintenance programme costs. We also chose TenYCO for its de-ionised water based cell and advanced testing functions, as well as giving the reassurance of a reputable firm able to meet our needs.” In addition to lowering costs, the 10-year guarantee improves sustainability with a lower carbon footprint.”

TenYCO self-contained, state of the art CO alarms are designed for quick and simple installation by anyone and for low cost of ownership, offering ‘Best Value’ over a 10-year life. The new 10LLCO and its digital display 10LLDCO equivalent anticipate future changes to the European CO alarm product standard with an extra End-of-Life/Fault LED and “ramp up” horn. They also offer “Quick Test” functionality whereby the unit can be tested with carbon monoxide gas spray and react instantly to confirm the presence of carbon monoxide, rather than the normal response times required in BS EN50291.

They are BSi Kitemarked and comply with the latest edition of BS EN 50291:2010. Both models are small in size with a slim profile and can be wall-mounted or used free-standing. They are simply activated by the slide-on back plate, so preserving battery freshness until needed, and a tamper resisting self-locking installation system avoids battery theft. An event activity data log for each alarm is available, upon request from Kidde. The TenYCO range also enjoys the same 10-year replacement cycle as Kidde’s Ten-4 smoke alarm, simplifying property management.

Kidde Fyrnetics has produced a helpful video discussing carbon monoxide risks and demonstrating installation of the latest CO alarms.

This video can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waH1rXuEKOg&feature=youtu.be

For more information on CO alarms, visit: TenYCO.kiddefyrnetics.co.uk or email: kiddefyr@ukgateway.net