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Gratnells Learning Rooms: Plan & deliver the best educational settings


It is well known and researched that the quality of the learning environment has a dramatic impact on pupils’ learning, behaviour and social interaction. We know that some spaces can inspire pupils and encourage them to want to learn, whilst others can distract or disengage pupils. Our young people come from a variety of backgrounds but our schools are a place for them to feel safe, happy, confident and inspired. All teaching spaces should be attractive, inspiring and organised. They should excite pupils and staff. There are many schools all around the world creating innovative learning spaces that are transforming the experiences of their pupils, often on limited budgets and with restricted resources. The desire for change in schools is strong and the Gratnells Learning Room concept offers the support necessary to consider how schools can achieve excellent outcomes.

Gratnells created the Learning Rooms project in 2012 to recognise and celebrate the benefits and advantages of different learning environments. Learning Rooms not only celebrates these environments, it also seeks to turn outmoded classroom models into places where both teaching and learning become inspirational, motivational and exciting. Through increasing evidence from academic research and personal testimony around the world, it’s clear that the physical setting and arrangement of a classroom can have a profound effect on the way children learn, play and interact with each other and with the teacher.

Working with partners in technology, design, architecture and teaching we’re helping to create a blueprint for the classrooms of today, tomorrow and the future. A Gratnells Learning Room is a whole-systems plan conceived to deliver the best and most effective educational setting through enlightened design and layout both inside and outside the classroom.

We’re not the first to recognise how important the physical place of learning is to a child’s development, well-being, safety and sense of belonging. The inspirational work of the team behind ‘The Third Teacher’ is well documented and The Royal Institute of British Architects’ ‘Future Schools’ published in 2015 makes fascinating reading. Gratnells products are already a key component within the classroom, but we want to help shape the places where our children are being educated. We want to create the best possible learning environments.

Find out more at learning-rooms.com and in Planning Learning Spaces magazine which is free to download and published three times a year with current thinking for architects, designers and school leaders. Gratnells is privileged to be part of a sector which has an opportunity to shape the future.

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