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Roofing & Cladding Waterproofing

Hambleside Danelaw’s lightning quick waterproof abutments


Hambleside Danelaw is once again at the forefront of roofing product innovation offering a simple solution to abutment details.

With two new products to add to the existing individual soaker range, there is now even more compatibly with tile and slate types. The production of lead soakers is time consuming and an expensive process which can be avoided by using Hambleside Danelaw soakers on abutments.

Our pre-formed individual soakers do not need to be fabricated or cut on-site, which guarantees a reduction in labour time. They are manufactured from polypropylene which has been specifically chosen for its thermal stability, resistance to UV light, acid rain and wide temperature range suitability.

Our two new soakers HD DTS for interlocking duo tiles such as the Forticrete Gemini, Marley Ashmore and Redland Duo Plain, and HD RCS for interlocking Cambrian Slate types both fit discreetly under the tile. The installation process is quick and easy. Simply place each individual soaker over the batten and against the abutment before placing the tile or interlocking slate on top.

You can view our YouTube video showing just how easy it is to install the HD DTS duo tile soaker on our website by clicking here. The soakers’ upstand can be dressed with a traditional lead or alternative flashing, with no need to dress over the tile/slate maintaining the original appearance of a plain tiled roof.

Hambleside Danelaw have offered a range of individual dry soakers for over 30 years, compatible with most commonly available interlocking flat and plain tiles and natural/man-made slates. These have recently been brought to the forefront following NHBC’s expressed desire to reduce the use of mortar on roofs.

There are many benefits for choosing the Hambleside Danelaw individual soakers. They are a great environmentally friendly alternative to lead abutment soakers as they are lightweight and easy to install without having to use specialist tools. They can be fitted in any weather conditions as the dry fix solution means that there is no need for mortar and the pre-formed solution saves time on site.

All individual tile soakers are available in right and left handed versions. Please visit https://www.hambleside-danelaw.co.uk/roofing-ventilation/products/individual-dry-soakers/ for more details about the range.