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Faster installation and lower maintenance costs with ATAG’s new ‘Q’ Series Cascade Rig


As part of its policy of continual product development, ATAG Heating UK has introduced an enhanced installation rig for its Q Series condensing boiler’s Cascade installations.

The rig enables up to three Q Series condensing system models to be installed in a variety of configurations and being only 1.5m in overall height, is particularly suitable where plant headroom is restricted.

Advantages of the new rig include faster and easier installation, a reduced surface area requirement and lower maintenance costs.

ATAG Cascade heating systems deliver maximum reliability, but in the unlikely event of a boiler error, the others keep on working, guaranteeing continuity of supply.

The Cascade Controller ensures that the boilers run at their minimum output to match system load, thus operating at the maximum possible efficiency whatever the heating demand. Lead/lag rotation is also provided automatically.

Q Series boilers modulate upwards from 16% and 100% output and as a result can deliver super high efficiencies up to 109.3%, saving on energy costs and reducing emissions to a minimum.

ATAG Q Series Cascade offers the complete heating solution and comes with a full hydraulic system to suit the majority of installation requirements. This includes all pipework, isolation and non-return valves, as well as gas line and low velocity header. The system can also be used as a separate solution for the provision of domestic hot water via an indirect hot water cylinder.

Designed for the larger domestic and smaller commercial properties, Q Series condensing boiler rigs offer modulating outputs from 9.0 to 171.9kW. All models come with a 5-year parts and labour guarantee.