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NCS Colour Courses


Colour is an essential part of architecture and design. A thorough knowledge of colour improves the quality of work and gives greater job satisfaction. There is no easy or quick way to acquire knowledge about colour. NCS courses and study material make the learning process straightforward and memorable. NCS has a wide range of educational material including a teacher’s guide, a set of colour exercises, demo exercises, posters, and a publication: Colour choices – A practitioner’s guide to colour scheming and design. More information on these products can be seen online.

Online CPD

We offer free access online training at www.ncscolour.co.uk

• Introduction to colour specification

• Colour contrast for Part M

• Colour management for brands and products

Each takes 20-30 minutes and is completed by a practical colour exercise which is sent with your certificate.

Full day colour workshops

For anyone whose work requires more knowledge about colour or who would like to be more confident and knowledgeable we run two workshop style colour courses on consecutive days three times a year. Extra dates can be added if required. The workshops can also be customized and can be run in house for up to six people. The courses are run at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley, which is an architectural award winning building. If you are staying overnight in Henley there is a lot of choice from excellent B&Bs to hotels.

The groups are small: maximum five for the first course and four for the second. We ask for some information in advance so that we have an idea of any specific interests (eg colour contrast) and can address these either on the day or before/after. No prior knowledge about colour is required. The people who attend may be designers, architects, surveyors, teachers or from the technical, marketing and sales side of manufacturing and retail.

Course 1

Understanding and specifying colour

The first course is an intensive day of learning about colour and colour systems (in particular NCS) and includes a number of NCS colour exercises designed to improve colour skills (recognizing the properties of colours and distinguishing between them). We discuss the various colour systems: BS, RAL, Pantone, Munsell, RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, and cross referencing. We discuss the effect of gloss, distance, light, etc, on colour perception. We look at some of ways people work with colour in architecture, manufacturing, and marketing.

Course 2

Choosing and combining colour

The second course starts with a group colour exercise. We look briefly at colour samples using a light cabinet to note the change in appearance under different light sources and metamerism. Then each person does two types of colour analysis / colour palette project. These projects really embed a way of thinking about colour properties and the NCS System in your mind. We finish the day with a discussion on research, trends, forecasting and colour psychology.

Dates and times

The courses are run on consecutive days in March, June and October. The next dates are 24 & 25 October 2013.

Both courses run from 9am to 5pm and include practical exercises, demonstrations and discussions.

They can be booked separately although the second course depends on knowledge gained in the first. Certificates are awarded.


River & Rowing Museum, Mill Meadows, Henley on Thames.


£275 plus VAT per course. Includes lunch, refreshments, course materials and course notes.

Course leader

Marilyn Sturgeon, BA FISTD FCSD. Director of NCS UK and colour expert.

Who should attend

Designers, architects, marketing, manufacturing, teachers and others who want to gain or improve their colour skills. A maximum of five delegates allows for individual advice and help with practical exercises. No prior knowledge or training is required, but we ask all delegates to complete the online Introduction to colour specification before attending the full day workshops.


Contact us on 01491 411717 or email info@ncscolour.co.uk

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