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Hamilton Litestat Unveils NEW LEDstat Intelligent Dimmer


Resolving compatibility issues between LEDs and dimmers just took a giant leap forward with the unveiling of the NEW Hamilton LEDstat – an intelligent LED dimming device which monitors and programmes itself for best performance, depending on the LED lamps used, making it compatible with a wide variety of lamp types.

This new innovation by Hamilton has already made its mark while undergoing independent testing. Jeremy Turner, FAB Controls Ltd who undertook stringent tests on the product says: “This dimmer is truly the first product we have seen that provides constant results with all branded lamps tested.”

Ian Hamilton, managing director of Hamilton Litestat says: “This new dimmer has been developed in response to a common industry problem of operational performance compatibility issues between the LED lamps used and a conventional dimmer. The last thing a contractor needs is to be called back to a recently installed job to resolve these, costing him both time and money! Our research and development process has ensured that LEDstat’s design and performance delivery is second to none. We are confident that this is a truly revolutionary piece of technology – one we are proud to bring to market.”

The LEDstat intelligent dimmer is ‘phase adaptive’ which means it ‘Thinks’ before it ‘Acts’. Its sophisticated microprocessor analyses the connected LEDs and determines the best dimming curve necessary to achieve maximum performance – either leading or trailing edge. When first powered on, LEDstat commences its analysis and emits a short series of audible beeps to confirm when the process is complete.

The new LEDstat dimmer module is of a similar size and design to a standard dimmer and therefore can be mounted onto the same wide choice of Hamilton faceplate designs and finishes. Wiring these modules is straightforward.


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