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Has your company outgrown spreadsheets?


Equisys – Effective time recording is essential for any architect business. However, many are forced to rely on spreadsheets despite a long list of well-documented challenges, such as preventing accidental manual overwrites and managing complicated lookups and references.

When it comes to calculating project profitability quickly, consolidating timesheets, and forecasting future project resources, spreadsheets just aren’t enough. Timemaster is timesheet, expenses and project management software that is designed for architects and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

It removes the challenges associated with spreadsheets which can have a major impact on your business and ultimately the profitability of your client projects. It does this in three main ways:
Visibility – Track all of your projects in real time, so you can spot potential problems early as well as forecast potential profits more accurately. What’s more you don’t have the problem of double booked resources or unbilled work that spreadsheets are notorious for.

Centralization – An easy to manage, consolidated system with all of your time recording, expenses, resource planning, work in progress and invoicing in one place. No more worrying about keeping track of numerous spreadsheets and their corresponding procedures.

Efficiency – Removes the time taken to cross reference between spreadsheets and unlike a spreadsheet application it can be used wherever you are. Using Timemaster is simple for staff; for example completing timesheets is no longer an onerous task but a quick job which can be completed when you have a spare 10 minutes.
Timemaster can be implemented centrally and its role-based approach provides each user with a solution tailored to their particular job and responsibilities. And our customers agree: “The Timemaster team has always been flexible and accommodating, so Timemaster keeps pace with our growing needs”- Carl Zdziebczok, ADAM Architecture

So if you feel like your business has outgrown spreadsheets, it makes sense to switch to an integrated business solution that will grow with you, centralize your resources and bring you the visibility and efficiency to maximize the profit potential of each project.

To find out more visit our Timemaster product pages or email timemaster@equisys.com