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Hobs launch 3D printing hub in north of England


To meet rising demand for 3D printing from architects and engineers, a 3D printing hub for the north of England – Hobs Studio – has been launched in Manchester, supported by £250,000 of investment from Britain’s leading independent printing company, Hobs Reprographics.

Hobs Studio offers a one stop shop for 3D scanning, 3D drawing, physical model production and reprographics. This is the first 3D hub of its kind in the UK, as Hobs Studio brings everything together under one roof, offering the latest technologies such as 3D printing, 3D scanning and laser cutting. Hobs can offer turnaround times for printing of 3D models of just 24 hours. Hobs Studio will also offer Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) allowing clients visualise a completed project in reality, to scale and more realistically than traditional 3D imagery.

For more info visit www.HobsStudio.com or call 0161 237 9566.

Hobs 2In addition, in London, Hobs 3D will be moving to a new premises in the tech city hub in Central Street, EC1, and has invested £400,000 in new technologies including a 3D printing machine which produces the best resolution 3D printing possible, capable of printing clear models as large as 750 x 650 x 550mm. This is the biggest and only 3D printer of its kind in London and will be particularly useful for producing architectural models.