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Housing Association HQ


Knauf AMF Ceilings outperformed its rivals by transforming a disused building into a modern office environment fit for the 21st century. Thermatex Alpha ceilings from Knauf AMF were chosen for their outstanding sound absorption and energy efficiency performance to help revitalise the new headquarters for leading north-west based housing association.

The design brief for the new 15,000sqft office facility was to create a modern working environment for its 100 employees to help improve efficiency and service. This has been achieved with the use of a contemporary layout comprising open working spaces located in close proximity to quiet cellular offices and confidential meeting rooms.

Open plan offices are prone to unwanted noise travelling from one area to another which can be distracting for staff working in the space. To combat this the Thermatex Alpha ceiling system was fitted throughout the office areas to provide Class A sound absorption. The tissue faced surface of the tiles, concealing a sound absorbent core, acts as an outstanding sound absorber to help maintain a comfortable level of ambient sound which will aid concentration in the open spaces and improve privacy in the meeting rooms.

The building’s stylish interior with its use of imagery and colour is complemented by the clean, smooth and elegant appearance of the Thermatex Alpha ceilings. The tiles have 88% light reflectance which has helped create an airy, open feel to the working areas and corridors. To create the look, the ceilings can be installed using a demountable system with both a Ventatec or DONN grid and are available in various edge details for concealed design options. With either grid the tiles are easy to remove and reinstate when access is required to the services above.

Energy efficiency is a key requirement for all refurbishment projects; the materials installed at the housing association HQ had to meet the highest standards. Thermatex Alpha tiles are made from mineral fibre offering greater resistance to air flowing through the tile than alternative soft fibre or metal materials. This resistance helps to keep the heat within the room. An additional bonus of the reduction in air filtration is that the ceiling retains its bright appearance and regular cleaning is not required. The bright appearance combined with the ceiling’s high light reflectance reduces the level of artificial lighting required.

Specialist ceiling contractor, Poulton Ceilings and Partitions Ltd, recommended Thermatex Alpha ceilings from Knauf AMF for the new office facility because its performance characteristics exceed the criteria of the original specification at a cost effective price as Director, Brendan Desmond explained:

“We were briefed to find a cost saving alternative solution that gave more performance than the original specification. We looked into this by speaking with our suppliers, ensuring that an alternative held all the attributes of the original specification. We have always been impressed with Knauf AMF products. They provided the best solution for the new office facility by far. The finished ceiling enhances the modern design of the building and completes the look.”

If you are planning a renovation or refurbishment project, Knauf AMF Ceilings can provide guidance and information on the specification. Visit www.amfceilings.co.uk or email at info@knaufamf.co.uk for assistance.

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