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How to create spaces that sound as good as they look


Oscar Acoustics’ range of architectural acoustic finishes enable designers to create beautiful, calm and inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.

Acoustics for health and wellness
The role of acoustics in architecture is not just about achieving optimum levels of sound. With the right acoustic solutions in place, it will enhance the way people interact with each other and the space around them. It can also boost health and wellness by creating a calm and peaceful ambience where occupants can enjoy working, living or socialising.

For over 44 years, family-run Oscar Acoustics has developed quality acoustic solutions for both noise and design-based problems. The company’s extensive SonaSpray range of fire-rated and seamless acoustic finishes absorb sound energy, instead of reflecting it, enabling designers to create serene and inviting spaces that sound as good as they look.

Versatility with SonaSpray
SonaSpray can be applied directly to most substrates including concrete, plasterboard, GRP, steel, glass and expanded polystyrene. The spray’s adaptability means it can also easily be applied to complex architectural elements such as barrel vaults, domes and corrugated decks. The seamless spray finish follows the lines of whatever is underneath, enabling designers to achieve perfect, sweeping curves and shapes.

Acoustic engine behind suspended ceilings
SonaSpray is also perfect for application behind suspended mesh and timber ceilings. Stick-on panel alternatives can be extremely time consuming to install around primary service grids. This means large areas can have intensive labour elements on top of the panel square metre rate and can often be visually less appealing.

SonaSpray can be applied at speed and the finish in black achieves ideal conditions for lighting control and creating the illusion of infinite ceiling height above suspended ceilings.

SonaSpray fcx in Hard Rock Hotel, London by Oscar Acoustics. Image credits to Scott Brownrigg and Adnitt Acoustics.

Environmentally friendly acoustics

Installed by ISO-14001 certified in-house Oscar operatives, SonaSpray contributes towards many sustainable design and health certification systems. This includes BREEAM, SKA, Living Building Challenge and LEED.

The range achieves M1 certification as Low Emitting Building Material, GREENGUARD Gold, Cradle2Cradle and contributes towards satisfying many features under the WELL Building Standard.

Made of fire treated, recycled paper and other rapidly renewable natural resources, SonaSpray can effectively lower the carbon footprint of the building project by sequestering rich stores of carbon for the life of the structure or application.

Quality acoustics for any setting
Transform any noisy interior space including offices, auditoriums, atria, schools, restaurants, warehouses and factories – into welcoming, acoustically balanced environments, without design compromise.

Range of acoustic decorative finishes:

Oscar Elite
An exceptionally smooth, flat acoustic plaster finish with the appearance of conventional plaster.

SonaSpray fcx
Sprayed & trowelled, flat acoustic plaster finish with an attractive, lightly pitted, seamless surface.

SonaSpray fc
An attractive, spray applied, lightly textured, seamless acoustic finish.

SonaSpray K-13 Special
An attractive, seamless acoustic spray with a medium texture available in standard and custom colours

SonaSpray K-13
A deliberately industrial, coarsely textured, seamless spray applied acoustic finish, available in standard and custom colours.

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