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How to transform your fireplace this autumn.


Consumers are looking for ways to transform their existing fireplaces. And if they live in homes where there is no chimney, they are seeking solutions to create new fireplaces.

Dik Geurts Ivar 8 wood stove


The passion for wood

Recently, wood has been the most popular choice for anyone installing a new fire or stove. It is a sustainable fuel and looks beautiful when it is burning.

A good example is the Dik Geurts Ivar, one of a series of compact stoves that will fit into an inglenook chimney or stand alone in many locations.

The Dik Geurts Modivar has a choice of log storage compartments and plinths to suit different styles of living space.

If you would prefer to install a wood fire, there are many models. The Dik Geurts Instyle/Prostyle series includes fires from 55 cms to 1 metre wide.

The Spartherm range has single, 2-sided, 3-sided and tunnel versions. They also include electronic vertically sliding glass windows.

DRU Maestro 60/3 gas/electric fire

The convenience of gas

Today’s gas fires generate a flame picture that is the equal of a real burning wood fire and are more energy efficient.

The Global by DRU range is available in a selection of sizes with conventional and balanced flue versions.

They also include the Global cavity wall gas fire, which fits inside the wall cavity.


The inspiration of design

The DRU Maestro range includes 2-sided, 3-sided and tunnel fires. They have a Dynamic Flame Burner, which creates high and dense flames.

The Maestro 60 is a gas fire with a unique ‘Summerlighting’ feature. You can switch it from gas to electric mode in the spring and summer.

Ebios Passo E bioethanol stove

Bioethanol – the green solution

An alternative fuel is bioethanol, an odourless, colourless liquid derived from renewable plants.

Bioethanol fires include built-in, table-top and freestanding models. The new Ebios Passo E bioethanol stove was recently voted Best Fireplace Suite (other fuels) at the Hearth & Home awards.

So, when transforming your fireplace this autumn do you convert the existing chimney or opt for a freestanding model? If you’re going to burn wood, how will you store it? If gas is your preferred option, do you want a classic fireplace or a contemporary model? And finally, should you consider bioethanol?

Whatever your conclusion, you can create the fireplace of your dreams this autumn.

For further information, visit www.drufire.com or call 0161 793 8700


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